Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition 2017 Winners

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The Guardian organise le concours de photographier consacré à ses lecteurs, le Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition. De Petra à La Havane, les lecteurs du célèbre magazine ont envoyé des clichés ayant pour thème le voyage. Ici, la sélection des vainqueurs.

« The Allgäu Alps in Germany » / Photographe : Jon Williams / The Guardian

« Herders gather their camels at the end of the day on the fairgrounds of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India » / Photographe : Chaitanya Deshpande / The Guardian

« Black Hmong people take a break in the Muong Hoa valley, in the far north of Vietnam » / Photographe : Nick Board / The Guardian

« Bathampton, Somerset. We woke early to find that the mist and frost had covered everything outside and it looked magical; there was bright sunlight that gave everything a mercury-like glow » / Photographe : Rita Long / The Guardian

“This was taken in a village near Borana nature reserve in Kenya. We were invited by one of the Masai Mara villagers to observe one of their rehearsals before a coming of age ceremony. Jumping is part of the tribal tradition; the man who jumps the highest gets to choose the bride he would like to marry” / Photographer : Dani Bower / The Guardian

“A worker enjoys a well-earned lunch break from doing the laundry at Dhobi Khana, Fort Kochi, Kerala, India. It was early afternoon and the place wasn’t particularly busy” / Photographer : George Kerridge / The Guardian

“Stilt walkers in the streets of Havana, Cuba” / Photographer : Eddie Smith / The Guardian

“I took this picture in eastern Norway, at Røros. In the mid-distance you can see my young son riding in a reindeer sleigh with my Norwegian friend’s two kids” / Photographer : Louise Richardson / The Guardian

“This was taken one morning just after sunrise in Petra. I was on a guided walk through the city. Having just seen the spectacular Treasury, I walked past these cave-like structures and spotted a lady posing for a photo for her husband” / Photographer : Roslin Zuha / The Guardian

Winner. “I took this picture of a woman in traditional clothing in Cartagena, Colombia” / Photographer : Stanislav Shmelev / The Guardian

“Wandering along London’s South Bank at dusk in mid-winter, I was drawn to this scene by the colours and symmetry” / Photographer : Alison Savvides / The Guardian


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