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Guardians Of the Portal by MikeGoesGeek (Mike Vasquez)

They’re a pack of mashed up toon headed twits from another dimension who have come to make our favorite sci-fi franchises even more confusing and convoluted- they’re the Guardians Of The Portal, and they like to say stupid stuff like wubba lublub and caaaan do! But don’t judge them by their pithy catchphrases, because these Guardians are actually capable of entertaining us by appealing to our chaotic nature, the side of us which thrives on ocular overloads.

Don’t be surprised if you get stopped a lot while wearing this Guardians Of The Portal t-shirt by MikeGoesGeek (Mike Vasquez) because it’s a lot to take in all at once, but when you stop and let people stare they will be pleased- and you will be a hero!

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