Guerreiro do Divino Amor Picked to Represent Switzerland at 2024 Venice Biennale

Guerreiro do Divino Amor, a young Swiss-Brazilian artist, has been picked to do the Swiss Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Biennale, which will open in April of that year.

The Swiss Pavilion is located in the Giardini, one of the two main areas of the Venice Biennale. The Giardini is the site of many of the most heavily trafficked national pavilions.

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The artist, who goes by his full name, will work on the pavilion with curator Andrea Bellini, the leader of the Centre d’Art Contemporain and the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement in Geneva. At that museum, Bellini organized a show of Guerreiro do Divino Amor’s work last year.

Guerreiro do Divino Amor’s Venice Biennale project will be titled “Super Superior Civilizations” and will explore “the diverse entanglements of our globalized existence that have been impacted by aspects such as postcolonial distortion,” according to the pavilion’s announcement. It is part of a larger project by the artist known as “Superfictions” that involves digital elements, installations, films, and performative conferences.

The artist was born in Geneva and is now based in Rio de Janeiro. With few solo shows on his CV, he is now set to have one of his first major showcases at the Venice Biennale.

The Swiss Pavilion is among the few national pavilions that have so far been announced for the 2024 Venice Biennale. Julien Creuzet will represent France, Pakui Hardware will represent Lithuania, and Edith Karlson will represent Estonia. Meanwhile, Adriano Pedrosa will organize the main exhibition, which is not connected to the national pavilions.


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