Guidi’s Ful/mine Is Born: An International Digital Project Promoting Art in All Forms

A digital mockup of two computers and a drawing

Ful/mine is a collaborative network of underground artists from all over the world: a digital melting pot that’s becoming the home of unconventional performative art, music, illustration, poetry, literature, and cutting-edge artistic practices.

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The idea was born from a commitment at the hands of Guidi—the iconic Italian shoe and bag designer known worldwide for its exceptional leather, stylistic flair, and avant-garde references—to showcase their deep bonds with experimental art. They are putting this need into practice by effectively supporting emerging artists through this patronage of the arts project, as in the Italian lineage of “Mecenate” (just like Lorenzo De Medici, who by coincidence was born in Tuscany, same as Guidi).

Each piece of art displayed on Ful/mine is commissioned by a curatorial board (visual artist and editor Ruben Spini, art curator Vittoria De Franchis, and Art Director Enrico Manganaro under the guidance of Editorial and Artistic Director Virginia W. Ricci), and then displayed in what we can define as a freaky digital artspace pushing the boundaries of the ordinary.

With Ful/mine (follow on Instagram at, Guidi wants to put people at the center, especially the artists who are already involved in @GUIDI_community on Instagram, which counts more than 80,000 followers from around the world. By immersing visitors in underground art in all of its manifestations, Ful/mine acts as a container of multisensory experiences, prompting audiences to change their perspectives and get constantly inspired.

“Ful/mine is a chamber of wonders where those uncanny sparks that enlighten and strike us are showcased and connected. Impulsive, impetuous, bold, and electric. Just like a lightning bolt.” —Virginia W. Ricci, Editorial and Artistic Director of Ful/mine

To learn more, visit and watch the video manifesto.


A video still of a forest

A digital mockup of two phones and a drawing

A still of a video with a colorful center

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