Guy Asked Twitter Users In Quarantine To Share The Most Valuable Item In Their Homes, Here Are 51 Responses

We’re all fighting boredom and stress at this trying time when millions of people around the globe are forced into self-isolation for their own good. And despite people desperately trying to finds escapes from the monotone surroundings of one’s own home, some people find comfort in things that are closest to us. One Twitter user named Isaac decided to start a thread where he asked people to look around their houses and find the item that is of most personal value. And people responded!

From family heirlooms to dear art pieces, people posted photographs of the items, attaching a short story of the items and why exactly they are so valuable to the owners.

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Bored Panda reached out to Isaac for some additional details on the Twitter thread and he kindly answered with some new information. He offered a brief introduction of himself and revealed he writes books for a living:

“I’m a Brooklyn-based author. My most recent book is a children’s book titled How to Be a Pirate, which is illustrated by Brigette Barrager of Uni the Unicorn fame. The book just came out on March 3rd! I’ve got two other books out all about tattoos and am working on a YA novel and an essay collection for adults titled Dirtbag, Massachusetts”

So scroll down and check out the pics and don’t forget to share your own precious things in the comments below.

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We asked Fitzgerald how did he come up with the idea to start the thread on Twitter and he revealed that it was thanks to procrastination that was amplified by the current situation in the world. “Because I was traveling a bunch a few weeks ago (for book tour), I’ve been holed up and self-quarantining for a full week now (no symptoms, just playing it safe),” he talked about his own experience in regards to the spread of the Corona virus. “Anyhow, I was looking at the sword, which is displayed by my desk, and I realized that there must be so many other folks who are doing the exact same thing: staring at items in their homes that they see every day and maybe even take for granted that… they’re now going to be spending a lot more time with,” the author told us. So, Isaac started the thread to see what other people had to share.

We also inquired some more about his own cherished item, the sword from the King of Bhutan:

“The sword was a birthday present! Wild story that is too long to fully detail here, but I went to high school with Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the then-Crown Prince and now-King of Bhutan. A little later in my 20s I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Bhutan, where I got the rare opportunity to catch up with my old friend. Our meeting coincided with my 25th birthday, which I’d planned to keep to myself, but His Majesty remembered and celebrated the occasion by gifting me with a small sword (the kind carried by most soldiers in Bhutan, I believe). No matter where life takes me, at least I can always say I’ve been given a sword by a king”.


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How did Isaac react to the explosion of replies to the thread? He said that it certainly made him happy:

“People are still contributing to the thread, which is absolutely wonderful. And folks are discussing each other’s items with such love and care, it’s really beautiful, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. It feels like a big group project that so many different folks are contributing to, and I hope more and more people feel welcomed to join in”.


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