Guy Blames Sister For Ruining His Career After She Finds A Way To Stop Him From Pranking Her

While they are certainly not as popular anymore, there is still a dedicated and downright annoying following for online pranksters who mostly just harass people. It’s bad enough that the general public is subjected to their grift, but imagine having to deal with a family member who consistently targets you.

A teen shared her ingenious method of getting back at her YouTube prankster brother who would not stop tormenting her. We reached out to the young woman in the story via private message and will update the article when she gets back to us.

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Internet pranksters are annoying at the best of times

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But one young woman had enough of her brother using her for content and decided to fight back

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Copyright infringement claims from big companies are no joke

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The concept that Disney is particularly aggressive about its copyright isn’t just some urban myth, it’s a harsh reality many content creators have come across. It’s somewhat ironic, that Disney properties, particularly the music, is so well known and widespread, so it can be almost hard to avoid in some circumstances.

This doesn’t just extend to music, but even to character designs, up to and including whatever they think might be “inspired” from their roster. While it might seem difficult to prove “inspiration” in court, best of luck facing down their lawyers if you choose to go down that route. Often these sorts of restrictions fall somewhere between an annoyance and a nightmare, but this story is a hilarious example of it being used for good.

There have been reported instances of police blasting Disney music during protests to get livestreams and clips automatically flagged by copyright protection software online. Similarly, one individual filmed Santa Ana police playing songs from “Toy Story” while investigating a car theft. The police reportedly said they were doing it as the act of filming them was impeding their investigation. While this person can’t post this clip to YouTube and receive ad revenue, it can still “exist” online without Disney taking action.

Internet pranks have a long a sordid history

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However, if you intend to make money with a clip containing some sort of copyright, you are in for a bad time. This is the source of the prankster-brother’s income, so he most definitely needs to reassess his strategy. While it always hurts to have your income cut, the truth is that it’s hard to have any sympathy for internet pranksters in this day and age.

There was a very short period, around 2014, when these kinds of pranks were novel, it quickly became quite clear that they were either entirely fake and staged or just needlessly cruel. After all, in the competition for views, pranksters became more and more extreme, to the point where it was a public nuisance. From essentially attacking people in the street to faking robberies, pranksters have given themselves a pretty bad name.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why this young man mostly just harassed his own sister, as she was less likely to react violently or go to the authorities. This is particularly embarrassing as an older brother, to not only pick on your younger sister but for her to, apparently, be vital to your own income. As many of the commenters note, he should at least pay her.

The parents should realize just how annoying these pranks are

However, the real crux of the story isn’t her method of stopping the pranks, but the unfortunate fact that her parents seem entirely unwilling to do anything about the situation. As she shares in the comments (some of which can be found below,) she and her brother are first generation immigrants, so her parents struggle with money. Not perhaps in the territory of disowning them, but it’s clear that these parents need to get their priorities straight.

This appears to be one of the main reasons they are so unwilling to do anything about the pranks and, indeed, want them to continue. While it would be a nice gesture for her to at least get a cut, she does not want to be in the videos at all, so, ideally, she has to stand her ground and hope the parents see the error of their ways. For those who are interested, she later shared an update, which can be found further in the article.

Some readers still wanted more info

But the majority was on her side

The young woman later shared a small update

She then gave the last update

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