Guy Finds Shrimp Tails In His Cereal, And A Weird Investigation Begins

Little things signal a nice start to the day. Not a terrible alarm sound is one. No urgent emails in your inbox is another. And a mouthful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a glass of almond milk is the last thing assuring you that no matter what, you’re going to be fine.

Except for the comedian Jensen Karp, for whom that mouthful, or rather the whole bowl, turned into a gross ordeal. Not only did he find shrimp tails, there was some dental floss and unidentifiable black things baked into the cereal bites.

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Jensen tweeted his unwelcome surprise and it blew up all over Twitter, amassing 128.9K likes and counting. The General Mills company then responded to his tweets saying it must be an accumulation of cinnamon sugar and that cross-contamination with shrimp was not plausible.

Neither Jensen, nor Twitter was buying a single bit of it. Thanks to the power of the internet, these lost and found dehydrated pieces of crustacean shell coated in cinnamon and sugar were turned into hilarious reaction jokes and memes.

Jensen Karp, a comedian from L.A., spotted shrimp tails covered in cinnamon and sugar in his cereal and shared this pic on Twitter

Image credits: JensenKarp

Image credits: JensenKarp

Image credits: JensenKarp

Cinnamon Toast Crunch replied to Jensen saying the suspicious bits are due to the accumulation of the cinnamon sugar and that it can’t possibly be shrimp

Image credits: CTCSquares

But Jensen investigated the bits further with his own eyes and was convinced they’re coated shrimp tails

Image credits: JensenKarp

The company has tweeted yet another response to the incident

Image credits: CTCSquares

But CTC has sent Jensen a private message and offered him General Mills vouchers in return for this whole experience

Image credits: JensenKarp

Meanwhile, he returned to the cereal box that freaked him out and discovered even more gruesome findings

Image credits: JensenKarp

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Image credits: JensenKarp

Also, what’s up with these black things baked inside the bites?

Image credits: JensenKarp

Image credits: JensenKarp

And… cinnamon-covered pea thing?!

Image credits: JensenKarp

Another Cinnamon Toast Crunch bag in Jensen’s home had what seemed to be dental floss

Image credits: JensenKarp

While CNC has initiated the investigation into Jensen’s unwelcome surprises, the man wanted to keep one of the pieces of evidence so he won’t be made to look insane

Image credits: JensenKarp

Thankfully, Jensen is feeling fine after eating a whole bowl of that cereal, but there has been no more news from General Mills

As you can imagine, people were utterly shocked by this whole shrimpy ‘affair’

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Image credits: PFTompkins

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch shrimp became a thing and the memes started pouring in

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