Guy Refuses To Ever Cook For His Wife After She Ate 3 Of His Meal Preps In A Single Night

As an adult, there are certain tasks and responsibilities that you’re almost never going to be able to permanently avoid. Even if your partner is the breadwinner, you might need to have a part-time job. Even if you do most of the laundry, there will be times when your spouse has to run a load by themself. And even if your husband is Gordon Ramsay, you might need to whip up dinner every now and then.

One woman, however, seems to believe otherwise. Below, you’ll find a story that her husband recently shared on Reddit detailing why he’s decided to stop cooking for her altogether, as well as some of the replies readers left him.

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This man is used to doing the majority of cooking in his household

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But after his wife helped herself to a few of his meal-prepped dishes, he decided she needs to learn how to take care of herself

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Later, the man clarified how the meals were eaten

It’s common for one spouse to take on the majority of cooking in a household

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I grew up in a household where my mother did all of the cooking. Occasionally, my father would bake his classic spicy mac and cheese to take to a work Christmas party, but when it came to family meals in the home, Mom was in charge or we were eating out. And while I do the majority of the cooking between my partner and I today, mostly because I enjoy it more and am more concerned about us getting enough vegetables in, it’s still quite common for women to do more cooking than men in any household. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 80% of women with children in the US say they’re typically in charge of grocery shopping and preparing meals, and even 75% of women who don’t have kids take on the culinary responsibilities in their homes. 

While it’s less common for men to be the usual meal preppers in any household, as only 19% of men in the US are their families’ chefs, it is rare for both parents or partners to equally balance the responsibilities in the kitchen. And while some argue that it’s better for one spouse to always be in charge of preparing meals, as long as the other balances it out by taking on extra chores around the house, it can also be beneficial for couples to cook together. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Too many cooks in the kitchen is a terrible idea, and I personally have a rule that my partner can’t be in our tiny kitchen or trying to have a conversation with me while I’m cooking because I’m usually too hangry and focused to place my attention elsewhere. But hear me out, finding healthy ways to cook together can be great for your relationship.

But cooking together can be a great bonding opportunity

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According to licensed relationship therapist Jaime Bronstein, couples should definitely try cooking together, rather than just for one another. “When a couple does activities together within their home, it strengthens their bond. They say home is where the heart is. When you’ve found your person, you feel like they are ‘home,’ therefore spending time together at home can only help a couple thrive,” Bronstein told “Creating memories in your home helps to nourish your sacred connection as privacy in a relationship and intimate time together, prioritizing each other makes both people feel loved.”   

Preparing food for your partner can certainly be an act of love. Taking time to ensure that a warm, cozy wholesome meal tastes great and will be able to fuel them after a long day is a wonderful way of connecting with your partner. But working together can be even better for a couple’s communication skills. Bronstein notes that cooking requires cooperation, which all healthy couples should be able to do well. You might need to share space and utensils if your kitchen is small, and you’ll have to decide how spicy, salty, sweet, etc. you’d both like the dish to be. You can help each other out by chopping up ingredients for your partner or washing some of their dishes while they’re busy whisking, and in the end, you’ll be proud that the meal was a team effort.

After all, the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs

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Plus, cooking together can simply be fun. “It’s all about having a positive and light-hearted attitude,” Bronstein says. “If the couple looks at cooking together as playtime versus a chore, the experience will be pure fun.” And while some people claim to not know how to cook, despite how easy it is to learn basic cooking skills, the way to most people’s hearts truly is through their stomachs. In fact, 70% of Americans believe that having their partner cook for them is actually more intimate than time together in the bedroom. 43% also admit that they’ve ended a relationship in the past because their partner couldn’t cook. So regardless of your gender, it’s time to stop making excuses and learn how to at least make something.

Some readers pointed out to this man that his wife is utilizing weaponized incompetence to get out of cooking meals, which is a surefire way to damage any relationship. Tactics like this leave couples feeling off-balance, with one constantly having to take on more responsibilities than the other, and there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. Do you think this father was right to stop cooking for his wife altogether? Or would you have handled the situation differently? Feel free to share, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring a spouse who refuses to prepare food for himself, we recommend reading this piece next.  

Many readers assured the man that he did nothing wrong, noting that his wife is perfectly capable of cooking

Others, however, believed that both spouses could have handled the situation more maturely

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