Guy Reveals These 12 Things That A Lot Of People Thought Happened Years Ago, But Are In Fact More Recent

With people being constantly busy, things changing every day, and various events happening all the time, time flies super fast. So sometimes it might seem that some of the things that we just witnessed or experienced happened a long time ago. And it turns out that the same logic can be applied to some of the greatest inventions and concepts that we know today.

This TikTok account called @idea.soup decided to share some of the things that only were discovered recently even though we might think that they are quite old and have been here for ages. 

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Idea Soup is where people can find interesting educational content on various topics. Its creator Michael R McBride is the one who makes and shares this content with people on various social media platforms. 

Which one of these recent discoveries do you find most shocking? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Image source: idea.soup


We didn’t know how mountains formed until 1966. And not just mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes too. Like we were putting men into space and yet every time there was an earthquake, we were just like “What the hell is going on?”

Image credits: TheMuuj


It took us until 2002 to confirm what was at the center of the Milky Way. We are rotating around a supermassive black hole, but we didn’t know that until after Britney Spears had released her first album.

Image credits: John Fowler


Most women in America couldn’t open a credit card until 1974. But if you think that’s bad, women didn’t get the right to vote in Switzerland until 1991.

Image credits: Håkan Dahlström


America’s first seatbelt laws were only in 1984 and New Hampshire still doesn’t even have them.

Image credits: Mechanic Base


We didn’t have wheeled luggage until 1970. Which means that astronauts that went to the moon had to carry their own suitcases.

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Image credits: Elizabeth Masek


The Heimlich maneuver wasn’t invented until 1974. I mean, this was so recent that Dr. Heimlich was alive until 2016. He could have played Minecraft.

Image credits: ocean yamaha


We didn’t (fully) sequence the human genome until four months ago. We had not mapped one human’s full DNA until May 2021. The Human Genome Project which completed in 2003? Yeah, they were missing 15% of DNA base pairs. Very bold of them to call that complete. That’s like a frat guy in a group project’s version of complete.

Image credits: Petra B. Fritz


We didn’t know why the ocean was salty until 1979. We were just like: “Yup, whole planet’s covered in this stuff. No idea where it comes from.”

Image credits: Chris Dodds


Smoking wasn’t banned on all US flights until the year 2000 and pilots were actually exempt. They can still legally smoke on airplanes today.

Image credits: Amaury Laporte


We didn’t know that a meteor killed the dinosaurs until 1991. That’s the same year that Home Alone came out.

Image credits: Sadie Hart


We didn’t know that babies could feel pain until 1987. When Back to the Future came out, we were not using anesthesia on babies.

Image credits: Tamaki Sono


We didn’t know how anesthesia worked until 2020. We were just ragdolling people into unconsciousness with no idea how it actually worked.

Image credits: Thirteen Of Clubs


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