Guy Tries To Make A Beautiful Cake For His Wife, Fails Big Time

What you see here is not dog poo. I repeat, what you see here is not dog poo. It’s chocolate frosting. Here is what happened before this disaster of a cake happened.

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When 31-year-old Andrew decided to bake a cake for his wife after a satisfying dinner, he had a box of cake mix to use for the cake. Unfortunately, he didn’t have frosting to put on top of the cake. In response to this, Andrew’s wife, Aubrie, gave him her grandmother’s chocolate frosting recipe, and left everything to him, as Aubrie believed that nothing could go wrong because the recipe was “simple” and “foolproof.”

Cut to the moment Andrew presented the cake, and Aubrie and her husband both ‘burst out laughing’.

It turns out the frosting had been too hard for Andrew to spread nicely over the cake, so he put it in a plastic bag and attempted to pipe it on instead. Rather than ending up with elegant swirls, Andrew created a series of long, clumpy, brown trails…


She thinks her late grandmother would have loved Andrew’s efforts, explaining she ‘had a good sense of humour and would have found the situation funny.’

Andrew stated that the cake “tasted better than it looked”. However, he also states that from now on, he’ll be leaving the baking to his wife. His wife, on the other hand, has this to say:

He loves to grill and smoke meats – he’s a very good cook, but apparently not the best baker.

Well, it’s still a happy ending, and they sure had a good laugh with the cake.

(Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media/ UNILAD)

Source: neatorama

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