Gynecologist Is Opening His Own Practice And Asked Twitter To Tell Him What He Should Include In His Office And People Gave These 44 Suggestions

Going to the gynecologist can often be very scary. These appointments are very invasive, the procedures are not only painful and uncomfortable physically but they are also demanding emotionally. People who come there are choosing to be vulnerable and they are sensitive to every detail that surrounds them.

Dr. Ryan Stewart understands that, so he went to Twitter to ask people what they would like to see in a gynecologist’s office before he opens his own practice. He asked, “How would you design/optimize a visit to the gynecologist’s office?” and over 3k people came to say their piece.

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If there are any suggestions that weren’t mentioned in the thread under Dr. Stewart’s tweet, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also, don’t forget to upvote the suggestions that you agree with the most!

More info: Twitter | Midwest Center for Pelvic Health


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Ryan Stewart is fellowship trained pelvic surgeon specializing in treatment of women with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor dysfunction. He is now building his own medical practice from scratch. To do the best work he can, the doctor decided to go on Twitter and ask people who frequent gynecologists what they would like to have in their offices or how they would like to be treated there.

A lot of people had different suggestions and at the same time it’s sad that they didn’t have nice experiences with their appointments but it also gave a lot of insight in how others can improve and how Dr. Ryan Stewart can make his practice as welcoming as possible.


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Dr. Stewart is planning to open his own pelvic health practice called Midwest Center for Public Health in Indianapolis sometime next year. It “will focus on female urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction, and chronic pelvic pain” as described on his site where people can only join the waitlist to be notified when the clinic will be opening for now. The site should be fully functioning by January 1. 

Bored Panda reached out to the urogynecologist and we got to know that before starting his own practice he “worked as one of three urogynecologists in a large hospital-owned multispecialty physician group” in Louisville, Kentucky while his wife completed her last 2 years of training.


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Turns out, Dr. Stewart’s family had a business and he always had a desire to build things with his own hand so having his own practice was only a natural course of life. He added, “Starting a private practice may be one of the most difficult things I’ll ever do, but I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now and wonder if I could have done it.”

The physical office will be in Indianapolis as the doctor’s wife accepted a new job there and the family returned there for their new stage of their lives.


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From the doctor’s answers you can really tell that he is passionate about his profession. This is evidence from the tweet in which he asked for advice so every patient that would come to seek help would be welcomed. 

We asked which of the suggestions he was expecting to hear and it was “warm rooms and speculums” and “ditch the paper gowns and table covers” which were among the things that were pointed out most frequently in the thread.


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The things that Dr. Stewart didn’t expect was people sharing their own personal stories about how their visits to the doctor upset them. He said, “I really appreciate that they put themselves out there, in such a public forum, so that others may benefit. I was also happy to see that so many folks spoke out for accessibility and inclusiveness. We’re all traveling through this world together, so when I see people looking out for one another, advocating one another, and trying to take care of one another I feel good. I get hopeful, excited, and energized.”


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What do you think of Dr. Ryan Stewart’s approach to his future practice? We would like to hear your thoughts and reactions in the comments!


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