Halloween Costumes by Lazy But Creative People in Japan

The Japanese tradition of jimi Halloween (“mundane Halloween”) is for people who want to dress up, but don’t want to go all-out as zombies or Mandalorians. So instead their “costumes” are minimal, and their verbal descriptions of the context take up the slack. It’s perfect for lazy but creative people.

“Office Worker Whose Lanyard has Flipped Over”

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When we looked at the best of these costumes from 2019, people could still gather at jimi Halloween conventions. Due to the pandemic, this year people had to phone it in, literally, but still met the quality bar. Some examples:

“Neighbor of the Suspect in a Police Drama Who Says She Hasn’t Seen Him in Three Days”

“A Cosplayer Ordering Uber Eats”

“Person at Building Entrance Who Thermal Camera Confirms Does Not Have a Fever” (the temperature is in Celsius)

“An Expert Sword Appraiser”

“Person Holding a Cat for the First Time” (using a box as a cat because no real cat was available)

“Person Watching a Horror Movie”

“Expert Appearing on Nightly News by Video Link”

“Person Trying to Declutter Who Becomes Distracted by her Smartphone”

“Guy Serving Coffee to Important People and Doesn’t Know Who to Serve First”

“Person Riding Train Who Received Free Tote Bag But is Hiding Logo Because It’s Widely Hated by Protestors (2020 Olympics)”

“Guy at Train Station Who Cannot Use Train Pass App Because His Smartwatch Just Ran Out of Battery”

“Woman Who Ditches Big-City Life in Tokyo to Live on a Small Rural Island in the South, and Probably Bakes Sourdough Bread”

“Person Who Directs You to Vaccination Site”

“Guy Who Just Found the Lost Object He was Looking For”

Source: core77

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