Halloween Costumes From This Year Are Taking Over The Internet, Here Are 89 Of The Coolest

With Halloween firmly behind us, it’s time to pick out the very best costumes this year. The crème de la crème of creativity, spookiness, and awesomeness if you will. To help you decide, Bored Panda has compiled this list of the most impressive outfits that would help any trick-or-treater bring back a massive haul of candy any night of the year.

From people dressing up as celebrities to our most beloved stars dressing up as someone else, from memes and puns turned into costumes to some of the scariest outfits we’ve seen in years, we’ve got a bit of everything for everyone’s tastebuds. Have a scroll down and don’t forget to upvote what you think are the most deserving costumes!

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(My personal favorites were the Bernie-Sanders-wearing-mittens meme come to life, as well as the Anti-Faxxer costume, but don’t let that influence your decision!) When you’re done enjoying this list, check out the best costumes from Halloween 2020 to compare ‘em.

I reached out to entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle expert Mike Sington to get his take on why so many of us enjoy dressing up as our beloved stars and the pressure that celebrities face to come up with a great costume for Halloween. Scroll on down for Bored Panda’s full interview with Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider!

#1 This Person Won Halloween

Image credits: aaaronbrown

#2 Happy Halloween From The Queen!

Image credits: beta_bunny

#3 Couldn’t Resist Dressing Up Our Two Year Old Triplets As Hobbits For Halloween (Girl, Boy, Boy)

Image credits: Wolfie305

Celeb expert Mike, from LA, told Bored Panda that stars are “under quite a bit of pressure” to come up with great costume ideas. It’s not all just glitz and glamor—there’s some serious planning and preparation involved.

“They know it will generate a guaranteed photo that will be splashed all around the world. Plus, it’s got to be original and impressive, that’s what their fans are expecting. They don’t want to disappoint them, and it’s a rather easy way for a celebrity to get positive press by showing their fun side,” he told Bored Panda about the advantages of coming up with a creative, fun, impressive costume.

#4 Will And Carlton In The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Image credits: coachmhagans

#5 My Son Decided To Rick Roll The School For Halloween

Image credits: Doom____Slayer

#6 Halloween Cosplay (Batman Returns) By Nba Player Robin Lopez And His Wife

Image credits: donbosco2017

I was curious to find out why so many of us love to dress up as our fave celebrities for Halloween. According to Mike, there are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon. “They either want to honor a favorite celebrity, or they want to have some fun by mocking a celebrity they don’t care for. It’s also actually kind of fun to ‘become’ a celebrity and imagine what their life might be like!”

Mike agreed that many people have a hard time separating actors from the characters they play in movies. “Celebrities know that, and some will accept it and capitalize on it, while others will fight it and try to distance themselves from the characters they play,” the celebrity expert noted how stars can react to this piece of knowledge in different ways.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“Most fans on Halloween are looking at celebrities and their characters as one, and will usually dress as the character, which is probably going to be easier to pull off and the most recognizable of the two!”

#7 This Halloween I’m An Anti-Faxxer And There’s No Changing My Mind

Image credits: thatszamora

#8 Avatar

Image credits: the_odditty

#9 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Image credits: denaedes12

This year’s Halloween fell into a bit of a gray area regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While the danger of getting ill is still ever-present, the continuing vaccination programs have made it a bit safer to go about with ordinary life. ABC7 notes that Halloween participation is rebounding and people are spending more than ever.

However, wearing your Halloween mask is no excuse for not wearing your regular medical mask underneath and maintaining social distancing. It’s fine to have fun, but you can’t throw all the safety precautions out the window—now that would be scary.

#10 Happy Halloween! I Am The One Who Knocks

Image credits: suchadiehl

#11 Spider-Man Meme

Image credits: itsvivianlorena

#12 Dennis The Menace

Image credits: Iceberg21Slim5

October might be the spookiest month of the year, but we often take it for granted. Sure, a lot of us love a good scare from the comfort of our own cozy costume or from our sofas in front of a good horror movie, but we don’t always question why we find it so fun. Not too long ago, I reached out to Doug Murano to learn about why we love horror and scary stories so much. Doug is a writer and a Bram Stoker Award-winning editor, so you know for a fact that horror flows through his veins.

#13 My Proudest Halloween Costume: Mittens Bernie

Image credits: nickisorange

#14 My Zombie Jill Valentine Cosplay For Halloween

Image credits: angelinazelda

#15 What Else Is A Tall Girl Supposed To Be For Halloween?

Image credits: ItsEmmiActually

“I suspect that most of us—regardless of our spiritual beliefs—have a longing for something beyond this life. Human beings seem to be pre-programmed with this urge,” writer and editor Doug, the founder of Bad Hand Books, told Bored Panda that many of us yearn to learn more about the supernatural. Real-life is beautiful and interesting, but it often isn’t fully enough. We’re just too curious to sit still and be happy with what we have.

#16 First Halloween Costum

Image credits: therealjaydior

#17 Happy Halloween!!!

Image credits: KeoniDude

#18 My Wife Is A School Bus Driver And Dressed Up As Ms. Frizzle For Halloween This Year

Image credits: nukemgt

“So much of horror and speculative fiction grapples with death and what happens after we die that I can’t help but believe much of our interest in such stories is an expression of a longing for experiences and existences beyond our perceptions,” Doug explained.

#19 Wanted To Be Edward Scissorhands But Also Be Able To Get Into Bars, So I Give You Edward Spoonhands

Image credits: DocsAndLongHair

#20 Made A Zoidberg Costume For Halloween Because I Wanted An Excuse To Fertilize Everyone’s Caviar

Image credits: Angrysmolbean

#21 Fifty Shades Of Grey

Image credits: coreytimes

When it comes to creating a truly good scary story, you have to learn to be subtle. Nobody’s afraid of a monster that’s right out in the open. It’s the mysterious, partially shadow-shrouded figures in the dark that get our hairs standing on end, our hearts beating the quickest. Or, as Doug puts it, over-explanation is the antithesis of good horror.

#22 Doris From Shrek

Image credits: _yesgary

#23 What Are They Selling?

Image credits: amycarroll_58

#24 ‘Frights, Camera, Action!’ This Halloween, May All Your Screams Come True…

Image credits: nph

“Great horror stories thread a precarious needle: They maintain a sense of the truly inexplicable while creating a world and a narrative that provides enough answers to ground the story. Over-explanation kills most horror, which is why the shark is scariest when you only see the fin; the alien is most terrifying when it’s lurking in the shadows; the killer is most monstrous when he’s masked,” he told Bored Panda.

#25 Sims

Image credits: HannahAudi

#26 My Take On Harry The Haunted Hunter From Beetlejuice

Image credits: BergenNorth

#27 My Family’s Lotr Halloween Costumes

Image credits: jhingman

“My professional expertise is limited to fiction, but I’ll say this: I’ve seen enough real magic and wonder in the world to make me think twice about whether the supernatural is real—and I think that’s a healthy thing. It’s perhaps less important to believe any given tale than it is to remain open to experiences while leaving room in your head and in your heart for belief,” Doug said.

#28 Britney

Image credits: keelytaylor

#29 Steve Buscemi As His “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” Character From 30 Rock For Halloween

Image credits: Forke

#30 Dr. Evil And Mr. Bigglesworth For Halloween. Mwa Ha Ha Ha

Image credits: Chefboymardee

#31 Magnum Opus

Image credits: fruityvegcusp

#32 The Weekday

Image credits: trevornoah

#33 Harry Styles As Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz

Image credits: harrystyles

#34 Sweet Baby Rays

Image credits: mc_lotta

#35 Black Swan

Image credits: faithfltr

#36 Alessia Cara As Amy Winehouse

Image credits: alessiasmusic

#37 What Do You Guys Think Of My Thor Costume For Halloween? Pretty Stoked To Have The Body Of A Superhero For Once

Image credits: _Weekend_Warrior_

#38 Winnie Harlow As Cheetara From Thunder Cats

Image credits: winnieharlow

#39 My Halloween Mando Costume For Our Uni Halloween Day, I Hope I See More Star Wars Costumes Today!

Image credits: bittenbadger

#40 My Goofy Goober Halloween Costume!

Image credits: scifikantasy

#41 Happy Halloween From Austin, Foxxy, And The Evilest Dr. Evil There Ever Was

Image credits: gisalilbert

#42 Buttercup Imposter

Image credits: 901koala

#43 Glen In Nightmare On Elm Street

Image credits: cowboymuzzy

#44 Mindy Kaling As A Strawberry

Image credits: mindykaling

#45 Evan Hansen

Image credits: CoolSeanDotCom

#46 Just A Couple Of Scooby Snacks

Image credits: camimendes

#47 My Halloween Costume This Year As Cersei

Image credits: kaitywilliamsDP

#48 Happy Halloween

Image credits: _paperbhoy

#49 Lil Nas X As The Basketball Guy (Aka Seth Powers) From Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Image credits: lilnasx

#50 The Mask

Image credits: missBeatriiz

#51 Adriana And Chris In Sopranos

Image credits: frequentpuker

#52 Invincible

Image credits: jaesyun

#53 Doja Cat

Image credits: dojacat

#54 Michael Jackson

Image credits: phakephlemuns

#55 Chrissy Teigen And John Legend As Addams Family

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#56 Mercy Witch

Image credits: agflower1

#57 I Finally Decided To Go Ahead And Do It

Image credits: SDY292

#58 My Daughter Wanted To Be Samus For Halloween, My Wife Spent Two Months Making These For Her

Image credits: LeCrushinator

#59 Going Out For Halloween As My Favorite Character From Animal Crossing! Just Hoping No One Dresses Up As A Spider

Image credits: YourThoughtsHaveBeen

#60 Tai From Clueless

Image credits: MarciaBelsky

#61 Taylor Swift

Image credits: youbelongwitht

#62 Grizzly Bear From Animorphs Series

Image credits: Mmm_it_me

#63 Lisa From Blackpink As The Doll From Squid Game

Image credits: lalalalisa_m

#64 Olivia Rodrigo In The “Good 4 U” Video

Image credits: lizbissonette

#65 Who Wants To Play A Game?? Happy Halloween

Image credits: rebelwilson

#66 Normani

Image credits: justlikeapollo

#67 Kendall Jenner As The Martian Girl From Mars Attacks!

Image credits: kendalljenner

#68 A Representative From Grogu’s Publicity Team Has Issued A Statement Regarding The Paparazzi Photos Taken Last Night:‘Grogu Aka Baby Yoda Aka The Child Has No Recollection Of These Events. In Fact, These Events Never Happened *jedi Hand Wave*

Image credits: lizzobeeating

#69 Charli D’amelio As Alice In Wonderland

Image credits: charlidamelio

#70 Wife And I For Halloween

Image credits: BrainTumorBoy

#71 The “She’s So Crazzzzzzzzy!” Meme

Image credits: ennuiboy420

#72 Mystique

Image credits: Mr_Nonautomatic

#73 Cher

Image credits: NYSocialBee

#74 Hailey Bieber As Britney

Image credits: haileybieber

#75 Victoria Justice As A Skeleto

Image credits: victoriajustice

#76 Still Love That I Dressed Up As A Gonk Droid For Halloween In Second Grade

Image credits: Neugy5

#77 Lil Kim

Image credits: Tonyanderson812

#78 Dani And Bear In Midsommar

Image credits: eeberquist

#79 This Nsfw Meme

Image credits: jadababyballer

#80 Ariana Grande As The Creature From Creature From The Black Lagoon

Image credits: arianagrande

#81 You Wanted To See It, So Here’s My Full Micolash Costume For Halloween!

Image credits: captainjulPSN

#82 Cara Delevigne As A “Muff Diver.”

Image credits: caradelevingne

#83 The Picture Wall In La

Image credits: chrtucci

#84 The Meteor/Meatier Meme

Image credits: cameronscheetz

#85 Lady Gaga And Beyoncé In The “Telephone” Video

Image credits: JustThomp

#86 Beyoncé At Coachella

Image credits: shekirah9

#87 “Save The Bees!” Meme

Image credits: andrewzigler

#88 Have You Ever Seen Such A Beautiful Night?

Image credits: joejonas

#89 It’s The Bear Necessities Of Life

Image credits: justinbieber

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