Ham Sniffers Face the Crunch of Sniffing Hams

Here’s a profession that’s right up there with mattress tester. A team of expert ham sniffers are employed by the Spanish company Cinco Jotas. They specializes in very expensive premium quality acorn-fed Iberian hams. The ham sniffers are quality control workers who can appraise the quality of a ham just by smell. But they’ve been overworked lately due to increased demand.

Manuel Vega Domínguez has been sniffing hams since 1998, and in normal times will sniff around 200 hams a day, but this holiday season, he’s up to 800 a day, which he refers to as “at the limit of human possibility.” But he will soldier on. Read about the busy ham sniffers at Thrillist.

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Source: neatorama

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