Handsome Wooden Pocket Door Handles and Hooks from Tirar

The raw, artist-constructed DUMBO loft I lived in in the ’90s had a pocket door for the bathroom. The “handle” was simply a hole drilled completely through, and capped on either end with a small metal piece that looked like the smaller of these:

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That thimble-like piece was barely enough to get one finger into. Other pocket doors I’ve seen typically have larger handles:

I’d never seen these made of anything but metal. But I’ve just learned an Australian company called Tirar makes handles for pocket doors (cavity doors, in Aussie-speak) made from handsome wood:

Tui Sliding Door Pulls

The one above is made of American White Oak, but they also offer it in American Walnut:

I think they’re a darn sight better-looking than the metal ones, and I’m guessing they feel nicer in the hand. They come in three different thicknesses, and you can order a custom thickness as well.

The company, which makes all manner of handles, pulls and door levers, also makes these eye-catching and unusual wooden hooks, in two different styles and a variety of woods and finishes:

Korkki Hook

Tutti Hook

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If you’re looking for something a bit rougher, we looked at some sweet cast-iron wall hooks last week.

Check out more of Tirar’s stuff here.

Source: core77

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