He Once Swatted Bees, Now He Keeps Them

Bees can sometimes be annoying and at other times, they could be scary when they get in your face. But they are a natural part of the environment and as one movie illustrated, removing bees can disrupt the dynamics within that environment.

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Every creature living in an ecosystem plays a role in maintaining the balance and stability of the natural world. And though we may be tempted to swat or even kill those we consider pests, there could be great consequences in doing so.

Learning more about the importance of bees in pollination, Chaney Kwak gradually grew to love and care for them until he became a beekeeper himself.

I had no eureka moment or activist manifesto. Over the years I read about the bee’s crucial role in pollination — and therefore human survival — and slowly began daydreaming about lending them a spot to live: my idea of low-commitment community service, perhaps.

I read a few beekeeper blog posts, fell into a YouTube rabbit hole, and took a weekend class. Once I was reasonably confident, I answered a call to adopt a hive.

It’s a small gesture if we think about it but it makes a big impact on the world we live in. He tells more about his journey of becoming an amateur beekeeper on the Saturday Evening Post.

(Image credit: Chaney Kwak/Saturday Evening Post)

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