“He Thought I Was Just Doing The Admin. I’m The CEO”: Woman Starts A Viral Thread About Everyday Sexism At Work

Unfortunately, everyday sexism is alive and well. Though progress continues to be made in terms of women’s rights, the fight doesn’t end: subtle, casual sexism rears its ugly head when we least expect it. Some men, for instance, still don’t believe that a woman can run a company.

Sports industry expert Cathy Long, the CEO of Aposto, went viral on Twitter after sharing an example of everyday sexism in the workplace. She explained how she missed a client meeting because she simply wasn’t invited to it. The client left her out because he thought she was “just doing the admin.”

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Other women shared examples of workplace sexism from their own lives. Scroll down to read what they said, Pandas, and if you’re feeling up to it, you can open up about similar experiences that you had at work and elsewhere, in the comments.

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With Cathy having over 20 years of experience working with Premier League football clubs, you’d expect that all of her clients would know who she was and at least give her the time of day.

Unfortunately, some guys still live in the past and don’t see women as their equals: they prefer dealing with other men. The result? It impacts women’s businesses. Look, at the end of the day, if the bottom line is one of the things that suffer as a result of sexism, something seriously needs to change.


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Very recently, Bored Panda spoke about sexism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity with a representative of the ‘Fight the Patriarchy’ Facebook page, as well as writer Ariane Sherine.

According to ‘Fight the Patriarchy,’ it’s vital to protect the “preborn rights” of everyone: “We don’t have to choose, we can fight against all oppression.”


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“A privileged group thinking they are superior to an underprivileged group is the core of social injustice. Each generation of privileged individuals get taught that they are somehow special and they continue on the oppression of the underprivileged,” the representative of the ‘Fight the Patriarchy’ project shared with Bored Panda.


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“Whether we’re talking about men acting superior to women, born humans acting superior to preborn humans, cishet individuals acting superior to LGBTQIA+ individuals, white folks acting superior to POC, humans acting superior to nonhuman animals, or able-bodied individuals acting superior to the disabled, what would need to change is each of these privileged groups being open to how they or their ideologies have harmed the underprivileged.”


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According to ‘Fight the Patriarchy,’ true justice can only be achieved when people are “deprogrammed from the oppression they were raised to believe is ‘just how life works.’”

“Cismen need to be able to have an open mind and hear people out as well as tackle the prejudices that have been instilled in them by society. Capitalism, religion, white supremacy, patriarchy, born supremacy, and human supremacy are all detrimental power structures that have harmed vulnerable groups, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The individuals who these systems benefit have to do the work to unpack that within themselves.”


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Meanwhile, writer Ariane said that, in her opinion, what lies at the core of sexism and misogyny is the fear of women’s power and resentment that they’re growing stronger.

“It’s not as easy to subjugate us anymore. Of course, men still hold most of the power and wield male privilege, but they’re being held to account more and more, and many of them aren’t happy about this at all,” she told Bored Panda.


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There definitely has been some progress made towards greater gender equality in the past few decades, however, that doesn’t mean that the fight can ever stop.

“When my mum gave birth to me in 1980, she was expected by society to give up work and look after her kids. As a highly intelligent woman working as a university lecturer, having worked super-hard, prioritized her career and risen up the ranks until this point, this wasn’t fair or right,” writer Ariane told Bored Panda.

“This wouldn’t be an expectation these days—jobs are held open for women and it’s illegal to fire someone because they’re pregnant,” she added that it’s also illegal not to hire someone in the first place just because they’re pregnant.


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“There are more single women than ever and studies show we’re happier than partnered women on average too. Women can have a baby without needing a partner, childcare is more widely available too, and only people stuck in the Dark Ages think less of women who work and put their kids in nursery,” the writer shared her thoughts with us.


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“However, Roe v. Wade being overturned was a devastating blow for women’s reproductive rights and I truly feel for women of childbearing age in America right now. It’s an incredibly regressive step and I hope they manage to reverse it,” she said.


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“We’ve taken great progressive strides from where we were in the 1950s when women were expected to be Stepford Wives, so in another 70 years, we may achieve parity with men. At least, that’s my hope. And even if the fight against sexism is a constant, never-ending battle, it’s one we must never concede.”


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