Heinz Releases a Ketchup Packet Roller

As dumb as it sounds, that toothpaste tube roller thingy above is an object I use regularly and value. It’s not the first thing I’ll grab if the house is burning down, but it does its job well, should last forever and prevents wasted product.

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I’m a little more doubtful of whether this Heinz-branded ketchup packet roller justifies having an assembly line set up:

If it works anything like the tube roller, I’m sure it does its job well; but isn’t the flaw in the design and philosophy, as it were, of those packets?

That being said, as a drive-thru user I do have to admit I’ve got a glove compartment filled with ketchup packets–in both of the family vehicles. With Heinz’s contraption I could probably fill a full-size bottle or two no problem, meaning the $5.70 item would pay for itself quickly. I’m just struggling with the fact that there’s all this stuff required just to get ketchup onto food without creating massive amounts of waste.

Source: core77

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