Helinox's Ultra-Lightweight Folding Outdoor Chairs

This Incline Festival Chair by outdoor gear manufacturer Helinox caught my eye. It’s minimalist and lightweight, and I think this category would be a good assignment for an ID school class.

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I guess “lightweight” is relative; the Incline weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz., which is fine for its intended purpose at outdoor music festivals, which are typically traveled to by car. But for those who are carrying everything on their backs, the company also makes a line of Ultra Lightweight portable seating that’s even lighter.

The Ground Chair ($110) is even smaller than the Incline and uses a different design for the base. It weighs in at just 1 lb. 7 oz.

The Chair Zero ($120) is taller—yet lighter, at 1 lb. 1 oz.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Speed Stool ($80) is the tiniest and lightest of the bunch, at just 1 lb.

With the exception of the Speed Stool, a lot of the company’s designs are built around aluminum tubes joined with nylon connectors:

While I’m suspicious of the robustness, the company does offer a 5-year warranty on their products.

Source: core77

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