Hell in a Handbasket: Louis Vuitton's Exclusive "Glow in the Dark" Bags

The main problem with expensive Louis Vuitton bags is that they don’t waste any electricity, contain difficult-to-recycle electronic components nor require charging. Well, the problem has been solved with the announcement of these completely necessary objects:

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Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Glow in the Dark Monogram Bag pic.twitter.com/NJmBGWbSQh

— xmfstudios (@xmfstudios) January 17, 2019 “>

The bags contain fiber optic lights–but excited and clueless fashionistas are referring to this as a “glow in the dark” bag.

I do wonder if the inevitable knock-offs will be UL-certified, or if we’re going to see some exciting bag fires on Instagram.

Source: core77