Help Preserve Wille Sundqvist’s Tools

I rarely put out the word for crowdfunding campaigns. If I did, that would be about 50 percent of my blog entries. But this one is different. I donated to this cause, and I hope you will consider it as well.

— Christopher Schwarz

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From Peter Follansbee: Since Wille Sundqvist passed away in 2018, I have from time to time talked with Jogge about his tools – what will happen to them, etc. It’s a long story but right now the pressing part is that there is an auction in a few days. Ty Thornock has set up a GoFundMe page with the idea that we’ll help Jogge get these tools so he can then do with them what he sees fit. Time is of the essence – if you can help Jogge preserve his father’s incredible legacy, follow the link below. Thank you very much.


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