“Her Dress Was Much More Of A Bridal Dress Than The Bride’s”: Sibling Of The Groom Ruins Their Mother’s Dress After She Attempts To Make Her Son’s Wedding About Her

We all know not to cry over spilled milk, but apparently, we shouldn’t be crying over spilled red wine either! There’s nothing worse than having a huge wine stain on a white dress, but if you show up to someone else’s wedding wearing a bridal gown, you just might deserve that bright, red stain.

Below, you’ll find a story that was shared on the True Off My Chest subreddit by a sibling who was determined to make sure his mother did not ruin their brother’s wedding by any means necessary.

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Having red wine spilled on their wedding dress might be many brides’ worst nightmare

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But after one mom showed up to her son’s wedding in a white gown, her younger child decided the dress needed a splash of color

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The mother-of-the-groom is expected to look her best at her son’s wedding as well

Seeing your child get married is an extremely special day for a parent too. It might be exciting, scary, emotional and overwhelming, but as a parent, you’re allowed to be part of the celebration. And as the mother-of-the-groom, one is expected to look her best too. But according to Chapelle Johnson at The Knot, it shouldn’t be too challenging to choose a gorgeous and appropriate look for your son’s wedding day. She explains that the groom’s mother should choose a look that suits the wedding theme, the season and the venue, and she might even want to coordinate with the bride’s mother. 

“Elegant evening gowns, lace midi dresses and chic jumpsuits are all appropriate options for moms,” Johnson writes. “Formal weddings require an upscale dress or pantsuit, while the outfit can be more relaxed for a casual wedding. In general, the mother of the groom should wear something comfortable and flattering. Go for a look that shows off your style—there’s no reason you can’t wear an of-the-moment trend or your go-to silhouette.”

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The occasion is a special day for moms too, but they shouldn’t aim to steal attention

However, it is important for the mother-of-the-groom to have her look approved by the groom and bride-to-be as well. It can be nice to coordinate color schemes with the wedding party as well, as many photos will be taken during the event. And wearing white is always a no-go, unless the bride specifically approves the outfit. “Mother-of-the-groom dress etiquette encourages mothers to steer clear of wearing white or neutral hues, unless specifically approved by the bride, since they can look white on camera,” Johnson writes for The Knot. “These shades may look similar to the bride’s wedding dress, so it’s best to wear different colors to avoid any color mishaps.”

While seeing your son get married may be one of the most exciting days in some mom’s lives, it can also be extremely stressful for others. Seeing their baby commit to starting a new life with a woman, or man, they love can be difficult for some moms to accept. They might become jealous or try to have a heavy hand in the wedding planning process, but it’s important to remember that the day is more about the bride and groom than anyone else. Alice Prendergast at WeddingWire breaks down some mother-of-the-groom etiquette, noting that she should never try to overshadow the bride’s mom, act or dress like a bridesmaid, become too critical of the event or the newlyweds, or steal the spotlight with her outfit. 

But no matter how difficult it can be to accept this new phase in your child’s life, it’s important to remember that they are doing this because it makes them happy. All parents want is the best for their children, and sometimes that means allowing them to move away from home, despite how much you’ll miss them, or marry the person they love with their whole heart, even if it makes you a little jealous. They will always love and care for their parents, but kids grow up and get married, and it’s much better for them to receive support from their parents in the process.

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Brides and grooms simply want to know that they have their parents’ support on their wedding day

One woman who has experienced being the mother-of-the-groom is Kathy at A Delightsome Life blog. About her personal experience helping with her son’s wedding, Kathy says, “The most important lesson I’m learning is now there’ll be someone else more important in our son’s life. I will have to remember how I felt when I was a bride – how the relationship of my mother-in-law affected my confidence. There were some tough times. I want to be one who will welcome my new daughter and to respect her new position. I and my husband wish always to emulate a wonderful married relationship that all our children would want to follow. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Children are a blessing. It is even more of a blessing when they themselves marry and our family grows.”

It’s great that this groom’s sibling was watching out for them and was able to help preserve the day by putting their mother in her place, but it’s unfortunate that she felt the need to steal attention from his day in the first place. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below, pandas. Have you ever dealt with a challenging mother-of-the-groom or a wedding guest who felt the need to show up in a white bridal gown? Feel free to share, and then if you’re looking for another Bored Panda article featuring wedding day drama surrounding dresses, look no further than right here.

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Many amused readers applauded the brother for standing up to his mother

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