Here Are Some Hacks That Can Give You Happiness

Tired of people giving you the “smile and you’ll be happy” advice when it comes to achieving happiness? CNN listed some “alternative hacks” on being happy – and yes, smiling is still on the list. If you don’t want that option at the moment, here are some of the different solutions from the list: 

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Load up on leafy greens

Dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are rich in folate, providing 33% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). This nutrient is linked to a decrease in negative moods and depression because it helps produce dopamine in the brain. One 2012 study found that middle-aged people who consumed the most folate had a lower risk of depression symptoms than those who ate the least.

Buy flowers for yourself

A team of Harvard researchers found that keeping fresh flowers at home does

wonders in keeping away anxiety and negative moods. People in the study also felt more compassionate toward others and they felt a boost of energy and enthusiasm at work.

Eat some ‘shrooms

A surprising source of vitamin D? Mushrooms. The tasty vegetable is the only plant source of natural vitamin D, and foods that contain vitamin D boost serotonin in the brain, putting you in a better mood. It’s easy to increase your intake of vitamin D this way—throw some mushrooms into your breakfast omelets or lunchtime salads.

Of course, there’s always the factor that it’s up to you to find whatever that can give you that extra shot of serotonin – but this excerpt (and the full list) is just to give you a head start on possible solutions, especially when you’re feeling down. 

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