Here’s How To Differentiate Gunfire From Fireworks

It’s all in the cadence, Scott Beinster (a public-safety specialist for ShotSpotter) tells the New York Times how people can determine the origin of  a loud “bang!” :

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“When somebody pulls a trigger, they tend to pull it in a fairly steady rhythm until the end, when their finger gets tired,” Beisner says. A series of evenly spaced bang-bang-bang sounds is much more likely to be a gun than the more sporadic ba-bang, ba-ba-ba-ba-bang of firecrackers. 

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether what someone hears is from a gunshot, and usually the answer comes from the sound’s intensity. Beinster details that multiple shots from a gun will be equally loud, unlike a continuous stream of fireworks (the sounds from them can be unequal in intensity). So the next time you hear bang, bang, bang consecutively – try to ask yourself : is it the equal bang, bang, bang, of a gun or the ba-bang, ba-ba-bang of fireworks? 

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Source: neatorama

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