Here's What Separating and Recycling an Entire Car Looks Like

Do you have any idea what this crazy thing is?

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So that’s a vehicle drainage rack (!) made by Seda, an Austrian company that makes machines used to dismantle automobiles. You’ve probably seen a video of a car being crushed. What you may not have realized is that prior to crushing it, the cars must be drained of all fluids (gas, oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid, etc.). Dismantling technicians cut into hoses, then the vehicle is lifted and tilted by the rack to drain every last drop of toxic goodness.

I wanted to find video of this in action, and got more than that: Here Seda demonstrates, in about 90 seconds, how to dismantle and recycle an entire car using their machines, including the draining rack:

Seeing the wiring alone was staggering. I’d heard that modern cars have nearly one mile of wiring in them, but seeing it all pulled out and placed in that bin was really something.

Source: core77

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