Here’s What You Can Do During Your Day Off

Having a day off work is one of the ways you can sit back and relax away from the stress of your job. It may be a day that you can sleep, play games, or just laze around your home the whole day. If you’re running out of options on your plans for your next day off, maybe these points from The New York Times can give you an idea of what to do the next time you get the chance to take a little free time: 

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Embrace laziness

Yes, yes, you’re busy, I’m busy, we’re busy-ing ourselves to exhaustion. But if you have today off, take a conscious stand against all this busyness. Being busy — if we even are busy — is rarely the status indicator we’ve come to believe it is. Nonetheless, the impact is real, and instances of burnout, anxiety disorders and stress-related diseases are on the rise.

Evaluate your career

When was the last time you were completely honest with yourself about your career and whether you’re doing what you want to be doing? If you’re like most people, probably not recently. A full-time worker will spend roughly 80,000 hours at work over the course of her working life, so if you’re in the wrong career that could mean tens of thousands of hours spent devoted to something you don’t even really care about, much less feel is your passion.

Have a family meal

It can be tough to get the whole family together for a meal. Work, school, sports practices and other obligations all seem to get in the way. But studies show that families who dine at home together are happier and healthier.

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