Herman Miller's OE1 Micro Packs: Unusual Furniture Design for a Changing Office-scape

Here’s a highly unusual piece of furniture that demonstrates how our notion of offices is changing.

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Herman Miller’s OE1 Micro Packs, designed by Industrial Facility (a/k/a Sam Hecht and Kim Colin), is for workspaces that no longer have dedicated desks and offices. Instead it’s designed for work environments where people may not be there all the time, where a worker may pop in for a few minutes or hours and needs a temporary desk. Maybe they need to work alone, or maybe they need to collaborate with a small team.

Thus the Micro Packs are a series of compact, height-adjustable workstations that contain one, three or four separate mini-desks, each individually height-adjustable (though there’s just one power cable, no matter how many desks).

The height-adjustment switch, bag hooks, power outlet options and monitor arm option are all minimal in appearance.

The system is “perfect for teams that fluctuate in size or visitors who need a place to land,” HM writes.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Finishing options are manifold. You can learn more here.

Source: core77

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