Hertz Adding Insane 900-Horsepower Shelby Mustangs to Their Rental Fleets

You know the cliché about people who have near-death experiences, but survive and start living wild, to make the most out of life? Maybe the same thing applies to rental car companies. During the pandemic they were so desperate for cash that they started selling off their fleets. But now that travel is back, Hertz is reinvigorating their periodic and nutsy Rent-a-Racer program.

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The company has announced they’re adding Ford Mustang Shelby models, the GT-H (white, above) and the supercharged GT500-H (black, below) to their fleets. These are muscle cars with 5.0- and 5.2-liter V8’s that make 450 and 900 horsepower, respectively.

For $400/day, and with a 70-mile daily limit, traveling salespersons and whomever else can now step off of a plane and get behind the wheel of one of America’s most powerful production vehicles. How that person will actually wind up at their satellite office, and not living their best lives while trying to outrun State Troopers on the nearest expressway, remains to be seen.

The Shelby’s will be available to rent this summer.

Source: core77

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