Hey, Did You Know That Dogs Can Donate Blood?

Dogs can get injuries, surgeries, and illnesses too, so they might need blood from their fellow canines! It works a little differently from how we humans do it, though. Popsugar talks to vets to learn what dogs can donate blood, and what the process is for donating: 

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First and foremost, dogs have to be healthy and up to date on their shots. They must be adults and are usually larger breeds, weighing over 50 pounds. It’s similar to humans donating blood in that the blood has to be healthy blood. 

It’s not so much a casual thing as it can be for humans to drop by a blood donation drive and give blood. Owners of what are considered “donor dogs” are committed to giving their dogs the best care so they can continue to donate blood through their adult lives.

Gary Richter, DVM, a veterinary health expert with Rover.com told POPSUGAR, “The blood can be used for multiple purposes, including anemia (low red blood cells), clotting disorders (toxicity, immune mediated disease, etc.), or for pets with low blood proteins.” To get into even more detail, the blood can be separated to be used even further, by giving red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to dogs in need of just one part.

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