"Hi Toilet" Voice Operated Public Toilet & Other Neat Posts

🧻 Siri can’t flush your toilet, but this voice-operated public reset room in Japan can! Just say “Hi Toilet.”

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🐻 The ultimate Bearbnb vacation rental: rent a cabin inspired by Winnie the Pooh’s home in the Hundred Acre Wood. Hunny-inspired meals included!

🍸 When Ian Fleming met the REAL James Bond at Goldeneye Hotel in Jamaica in 1964.

🐊 It doesn’t get any more Florida than this: Florida man caught an alligator with a garbage can.

🧵 This is sew next level: stop motion animation embroidery by Huw Messie

🔬 Tiny but terrifying: 10 scariest creatures seen through the microscope.

🚁 India’s Air Force helicopters dressed up as elephants are basically real life Dumbos.

🦧 Otterly terrific! River otters saved orangutans from dying of loneliness.

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Source: neatorama

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