High Tech Contact Lenses That Are Straight Out Of Sci-Fi

If these new prototype lenses can successfully monitor changes in intraocular pressure ( the pressure within the eyeball), then who knows what kind of upgrades and advancements researchers could do with contact lenses? Researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology developed the prototype lenses that change in shape to monitor the changes within the eyeball, as the Conversation details: 

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The continuous monitoring provided by the contact lens could come in handy for people suffering from glaucoma. This lens can monitor changes in intraocular pressure throughout the day, and can responsively release drugs to alleviate the glaucoma. A similar lens, called Sensimed Triggerfish, has received regulatory approval in the United States and Japan.

Thanks to the ubiquity of electronic devices, we are currently living in a world constantly bathed in electromagnetic radiation. Although a clear consensus is absent, studies have pointed out that exposure to electromagnetic radiation could possibly induce some effects in human tissue. Engineers in South Korea have applied a layer of graphene to contact lens to help shield the eyes from electromagnetic radiation. The thin graphene layer also reduces dehydration.

Image via unsplash 

Source: neatorama

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