Hilarious Vacuum-Powered Laundry Chute System

I’ve been toying with the idea of installing a laundry chute (really just a hole in the floor of a closet), and just spotted this crazy system called Laundry Jet. The idea is neat, but even if I had the money, I’d never dream of having one of these installed.

The idea is that you install a network of 6PVC tubes in your house—”up to hundreds of feet”–connected to a vacuum unit. You then place one to eight “ports” throughout your house; open one, the vacuum starts to pull suction, and whatever you place in the port gets sucked down to the laundry room. You can even set it up with a “return unit,” which sucks clean laundry back up to your bedroom.

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Maybe this would make sense in new construction, but I couldn’t tolerate the sheetrock work alone required to retrofit this. Plus, because my wife and I are on a farm, our clothes get actually dirty: Not just sweat-soaked, but occasionally stained with blood, mud and/or animal feces. I don’t want that smeared on the inside of pipes I can’t access to clean.

All that aside, I do admit it looks like fun to use:

Source: core77

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