Historical Mashup #6 – On A Battlefield Far, Far Away

Historical Mashup #6 by Bob Henley

The battlefields of World War II were chaotic and bizarre, with new weapons of destruction being rolled out on a seemingly daily basis, but I don’t remember seeing any AT-ATs in the history books. Is it possible that all those historical war photos have been airbrushed to hide the fact that the Axis were assisted by the Empire in their campaign against the Allies in Europe? Probably not, because the Sith would have instantly become the stars of the dark side in WWII, and people would have thought “Hitler who?” if Darth Vader had been leading the invading forces. Still, it’s fun to consider what such a crossover conflict would have looked like, although it would not have been much fun for the ground troops who would’ve had to figure out how to take down an Imperial Walker!

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