Hive Announces New Outdoor Security Camera Designed by Yves Béhar's fuseproject

Yesterday, Hive launched an outdoor version of their Hive camera, the Hive View Outdoor. This marks the third home security product designed by fuseproject for Hive and the first that is able to operate outdoors. The Hive View Outdoor maintains the design language of the Hive View with the added bonus of extra security layers specifically for monitoring the outdoors. 

Let’s get down to some of the most noteworthy new features. First it’s important to note that the camera features a live HD video feed and automatic storage, so you can both watch the footage in real-time and play it back later. Hive camera’s indoor predecessors didn’t need to withstand many elements, but since the Hive View Outdoor camera lives outside, it is equipped to withstand harsh and changing weather conditions. 

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As soon as it gets dark outside, the camera automatically enables night vision. I hope the only burglars you’d see at night are raccoons stealing your trash, but if not, this is a handy feature that requires no thought to activate. The camera also includes two-way audio, so you can communicate with said raccoons and try to scare them away with your voice.

“The camera is about the size of a tennis ball and carries over many of the significant features we designed for View. We have maintained the glass camera front and circular LED array that displays when the camera cycles through its modes, with the same user options to reduce this signal to a single small discreet light. The cubed View Outdoor Camera is made of same PCABS plastic and uniquely formed out of a single molding–the geometric rounded volume is cognizant of both the Hive thermostat and camera designs.”

“We designed a simple arm that pairs with the back of the camera via magnets to allow for the easiest setup/installation in the category. The mounting plate is about the size of pocket change and can be screwed into the wall, understanding that most people will be on a ladder or elevated surfaces we wanted an easy way to attach View Outdoor to the arm. Since the Camera is only attached magnetically we designed hidden anti-theft features to keep the camera attached to the stand and to the house. The arm and mounting bracket have a channel that allows the power cord to discreetly and easily reach the camera through the wall. Additionally, we have designed a key that allows locking of the power cord into the device.”

Both Hive cameras

The Hive View Outdoor is currently available for preorder from Hive Home and Amazon and will be available globally in December 2018.

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