Home Sweet Hole N" The Rock

Albert Christensen dug out a space in the sandstone cliff near Moab, Utah, for his sons to camp out in. Then he dug out some more, and he and his brother Leo opened a cafe in the space. Albert kept digging, for another 12 years or so, until he had removed 50,000 cubic feet of rock and built a 14-room home inside! He and his wife Gladys moved into the cave home and lovingly furnished it with the latest in formica furniture, Albert’s art and taxidermy, and Gladys’ doll collection. They named the home Hole N” The Rock (yes, that’s how they spelled it), and invited tourists in. Albert died in 1957, Gladys in 1974, but the tourists keep coming. The current owners say that Gladys is still there in spirit, making sure no one moves her dolls. See a collection of photos of Hole N” The Rock at Messy Nessy Chic. 

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