Honest Trailers for <i>Doctor Who</i>

Doctor Who is a British science fiction TV series that’s been running off and on since 1963. I must admit that I never really understood what it was about until Screen Junkies dropped this Honest Trailer. The show will never die, because it is set in a world that can be altered in any way for any reason, like changing the genre of the story from science fiction to comedy to romance, or to expand or contract to adjust to a changing production budget. And they’ve well demonstrated that cast changes will not affect the show’s longevity. In fact, there’s so much to say that Screen Junkies had to make two Honest Trailers to cover the series. While the top video covers the 2005-present era, here’s the one for Doctor Who in its early days, 1963-1989.

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I’m not sure I understand the show more now, but I’m pretty sure I want my own dalek.

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