“Hot Off My Hook”: 109 Times People Took Crocheting To A Whole New Level (New Pics)

Feeling crafty today? Here’s something special for those who’ve been thinking about diving into a creative hobby but lacked the motivation to start. There’s no doubt that each DIY project offers numerous benefits: it’s a fun way to spend your free time, learn something new, connect with an inspiring community, and create something unique to enjoy. Sounds good, right?

Speaking of creative communities, the subreddit r/crochet is a great example! If you’re into crocheting, this is the place for you. With over 1 million members, it’s a treasure trove of inspiration for both “veteran” art enthusiasts and newcomers seeking fresh ideas for their projects.

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Scroll down to explore the list of the newest designs shared on this page, and to read our interview with Pavlina Svarcova, an amigurumi crochet pattern creator. Also, if you missed our previous post featuring more handmade goodies, now is your chance to catch up.

#1 Update On An Embroidery Bear

Image credits: AsparagusPleasant646

#2 I Did It. Pink Fluffy Cow!!

Image credits: kviiilyn-

#3 I Made A Strawberry ? Beret

Image credits: cutekikimora

Bored Panda reached out to Pavlina Svarcova, the person behind the cute amigurumi bear which was featured in the subreddit thread. Besides ready products, like small toys and decorations, shared by the artist on her social media profile, Svarcova also creates paid and free crochet patterns available for all the crafty folks in her Etsy store OliyankoAmi.

We were curious to find out more details about Pavlina’s work and her creative projects. The artist told us more about how she initially got into crocheting: “I learned to crochet almost exactly a year ago thanks to my mother-in-law who one day sent a package to my son filled with crochet blankets and stuffed animals. At that time I had no idea that toys could be done by crocheting and what amigurumi is. I could hardly even pronounce it! She pointed me to the website of patterns and I went immediately yarn shopping. My mum then taught me how to make a basic chain and magic circle and I kept rewatching the same YouTube tutorial over and over until I memorized the basic stitches so I could make a ball. I made my first plushie a few days later and never stopped since.”

#4 Made The Whole Lot Of Fruits And Veggies For My Niece !

Image credits: DD_Frenchy

#5 Just Finished Designing My First Pattern: A Stretching Cat

Image credits: Technical-Egg-975

#6 Burger Sweater

Image credits: evilgaysex

The DIY enthusiast shared with us what motivated her to turn it into a business. We learned that: “It happened when I realized, I can write a pattern. I love the idea of creating something from scratch and then sharing the steps with others so they can make it themselves. It makes my day each time I see someone has crocheted a toy using one of my patterns.”Pavlina has also described her creative process from idea to finished product: “My creative process always starts with inspiration. Whether it comes from real life, something I saw on the internet, or a cartoon I saw with my kid, the moment I see something I like, my head starts spinning. What kind of yarn should I use? What color combinations? What features should it have and what size should it be? It’s wild! I can’t really draw so the idea stays in my head until I can finally crochet the pieces.

Before I even start crocheting, I check social media if someone else already has the same idea and the pattern already exists the way I imagined it. It’s almost impossible to create something that is not out there yet, but it’s very important to keep our interpretation original. And then, if it doesn’t exist yet, I finally start.”

#7 My Mother Just Finished This Wonderful Blanket For Me. I Just Wanted To Show It To The World, Hope That’s Ok

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Image credits: WhichUsernameCanIUse

#8 Crochet Flail!

Image credits: SweetPeaches102

#9 Worried The Sweater I Made For My Boyfriend Is Ugly ?

Image credits: farsez

The Amigurumi creator continued: “For creating patterns, I then write down every single step of the process and take tons of pictures of every single piece along the way. You do not want to see my camera roll. It’s either pictures of my kid or random animal parts. It’s a gamble, really, and some things don’t work out at all, while some pieces turn out exactly as I imagined them. Once I’m happy with the final amigurumi, I type it all into the computer, add the pictures of the steps, and send it to my testers. They remake the toy based on my instructions and point out anything that should be fixed. The last part of the process is then publishing the pattern and sharing it with our amazing crochet community!”

#10 My Daughter Asked For A Sad Duck ? I Think I Delivered ?

Image credits: Rachaem

#11 Finished My Most Intricate Piece So Far And I Am Obsessed!

Image credits: Useful-Dog-2552

#12 She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She’s An iPad Case

Image credits: 2sangblitz

Svarcova creates adorable plush toys, suitable even for small children. We were wondering how the artist ensures the safety and durability of her crocheted toys, especially for the youngest users. Pavlina said: “I don’t sell my finished toys but I gift them to my family and, of course, my 2-year-old son. He is the definition of a boy and he tests the strength of my plushies mostly with his teeth. For that, I try to make sure the yarn I use is high quality and I sew the pieces together strongly to avoid accidents. I would also recommend not to use safety eyes and noses for young kids. They can loosen up and are a choking hazard for children up to 3 years. Toys with safety eyes are on a high shelf in our house and if he has access to any, I constantly inspect them to ensure the parts are not loose.”

#13 After Getting So Many Lovely Words Here, You Encouraged Me To Buy Better Yarn And Crochet An Another Shirt For My Boyfriend With The Colours He Liked The Most

Image credits: Gtinchen

#14 My Only Successful Amigurumi, Lumpy The Whale Shark

Image credits: starfister101

#15 First Project Of The Year Done

Image credits: jettyblue77

Lastly, the OliyankoAmi creator shared with us which one of her designs became her favorite: “It’s my Christmas reindeer. He must be the most adorable amigurumi that ever came off of my hook and I have made him countless times for friends and family. This design was a complete surprise in the sense of how much attention it brought to me and my business and it opened the door to other collaborations and possibilities. He is my lucky reindeer!”

#16 My Biggest Work Yet ? I Need Therapy After Having Weaved In All The Ends ?

Image credits: SadWizzard88

#17 This Hot Pink Boy Is Named Breakfast! Finished Just In Time For My Bday Tomorrow 🙂

Image credits: psychso86

#18 After Many Failed And Frogged Attempts, I Have Finally Finished

Image credits: KindArcher7195

#19 My First Time Making An Adult Outfit ❤️

Image credits: Objective_Abroad_701

#20 Blanket I Made For My Sister’s Birthday A Couple Months Ago

Image credits: Queenoflibras_

#21 I’m An Emergency Service Worker, These Are Some “Trauma Teddies” I Made

Image credits: MaddieClaire344

#22 I Used LEGO And Made My Wife A Yarn Holding Brace With Tensioner, To Replace Her Finger

Image credits: InspiredByMadness611

#23 Which One Do You Prefer? No Ears Or With Ears

Image credits: MimisHouseOfYarn

#24 Finally Finished My First Crochet Blanket!

Image credits: MutterderKartoffel

#25 I’m So Proud Of This, I Want To Yell It From The Rooftops

Image credits: jibberish13

#26 Crocheted My Daughters Picture She Drew

Image credits: Elaine_Marley1

#27 9 Months, Countless Frogs, Tears And Tantrums But I Have Conquered Everest

Image credits: CBA_with_life

#28 Crocheted My Wedding Dress

Image credits: iwonthewar032722

#29 ?️??️abomination

Image credits: nonsequiturnip

#30 Crochet Banner I Made Freehand! Hope My Boss Never Sees This ?

Image credits: 420georgia

#31 My Wife Doesn’t Have Reddit, But I Wanted To Share This Giant Eevee Blanket That She Made!

Image credits: Oreo112

#32 A Gift For My Surgeon After My Top Surgery. Top Surgery Tom With Removable Breasts, Hospital Gown, Binder, Drains, Drains Holder, Admission Bracelet, Shirt And Shorts

Image credits: ijustlovesnails

#33 Crochet Dresses For My Barbies

Image credits: SpaceLlama_Pacmans

#34 Summer Night (Mosaic Crochet)

Image credits: vim674

#35 Is This Good Enough To Gift To My Niece?

Image credits: JulietSenpai

#36 Guys I Think I Went Overboard For This Winter

Image credits: Luminarada

#37 Finished This Beauty In Just Under A Month

I have a nephew getting married in the spring. His grandma, who is no longer living, traditionally made a wedding ring quilt for gifts, and when I was shown the Double Wedding ring Herlirloom Blanket Crochet pattern by JenniferOlivarez (on Etsy…i couldn’t figure out how to link and hope this is acceptable), I knew I had to give it a try. I used (I think) 6 balls Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White , and a 4.0mm hook. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, and am about to start another for myself.

Image credits: Neffijer

#38 Ever Been Inspired By Your Cats Colors?

Image credits: Dearadnarim

#39 Two Recent Makes

Image credits: UnicornReality

#40 Made A Little Jacket For My Bearded Dragon

Image credits: 11615121215

#41 King Sized Puff Blanket! (Thoughts On Adding Border For Structural Integrity)

Image credits: Altruistic-Kick1529

#42 My Favorite Teacher Caught Me Cheating On Her Exam So I Made Her This

Image credits: whitewashedblackgirl

#43 Y’all I Made A Dragon And Nobody In My House Appreciates It ?

Image credits: Queen_of_Cats_

#44 I Made A Throw To Match My Living Room

Image credits: koukkuunkoukussa

#45 What Should This Very Hungry Caterpillar Eat First?

Image credits: dunners64

#46 Oh My God Y’all. I Finally Finished

Image credits: Crilbyte

#47 I Simply Refuse To Make Anything Sensible

Image credits: annefrankoffical

#48 My First Solo Travel Blanket!

Image credits: f_a_k_

#49 Finished This Baby Blanket For My Best Friend, So Happy With How It Turned Out! ?

Image credits: Dondae

#50 Finally Finished My First Doll?. I’m Still Pretty New To Crochet But I Like It!

Image credits: Superb_Product_2908

#51 My (Very) Colourful Stitch Sampler Blanket

Image credits: drivinginagetawaycar

#52 Just Finished!!! I Don’t Ever Want To Use This Type Of Yarn Again!!

Image credits: hookedonpurple

#53 Couldn’t Buy It…so I Made It

Image credits: Wear_Tall

#54 Started With A Pattern, Realized It Was Crap, Came Up With My Own

Image credits: Royal-Classic438

#55 Finished My First Crochet Sweater 🙂

Image credits: generationfire

#56 I Made This Stargazer Lily For My New Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day Cuz They’re Her Favorite Flowers But I Used Thicker Yarn Than The Pattern Called For Thinking It’d Be Fine But It Looks Like A Toddler Made It ?

Image credits: theangstmaster

#57 Just Wanted To Share This Gem I Saw On Marketplace

Image credits: agirlandheranimals

#58 Just Finished This Free-Handed Diamond Mesh Sweater. I Will Never Be Able To Wear This In Public So Reddit Will Do Lol

Image credits: verysadmonk

#59 I Made An Outfit For My Dance Performance ?

Image credits: isyouohkay

#60 This Sweater Is The Best Thing I’ve Made So Far

Image credits: KateFromNowhere

#61 I Made A Mini Animal Crossing Me For A Close Friend Who’s Moved Way – This Way We Can Always Hang Out ?

Image credits: Tense_Spence

#62 Here It Is! My Very First Crochet Dress!

This was a lot of work, the yoke such a challenge that I put it away for a while. The pockets are a fancy granny square I found on YouTube. The pattern is Drops Sandy Shores, and the yarn Drops Belle

Image credits: mormonenomore2

#63 I Did It! I Crocheted My Wedding Bouquet! (And Got Married!)

Image credits: crazystitcher

#64 I’m A Beginner. I Didn’t Take Into Consideration Dimensional Changes With Yarn Size

Image credits: KiwiMurky736

#65 I Survived Cable Crochet!

Image credits: Odd-Mine4963

#66 Crochet Sweater By Me

Image credits: kung-fu-khala

#67 This Blanket Took Me 4 Months. I Finished It At 3pm Today!

Image credits: Sabriel_Love

#68 King Sized Waffle Stitch Blanket I Made For My Friend!

Image credits: IDontAgreeToTheTerms

#69 Just Finished This Sweater!!

Image credits: lexbetts

#70 I Made The Dapper Dad Pullover For My Husband

Image credits: seed_lady

#71 Just Finished!!

Image credits: Big_Throat_9235

#72 All Right, Which One Of You Did This?

Image credits: General-Cantaloupe

#73 I Just Finished My Baby’s Blanket, So… Come Any Day Now, Baby Boy!

Image credits: Thistlewhite

#74 Pink Clouds Tapestry. Opinions?

Image credits: CaribbeanBrezze

#75 Cable Crochet

Image credits: I_Can_But_I_Wont_

#76 This May Be My Favorite Baby Blanket I’ve Ever Made ?

Image credits: OrdinaryJealous

#77 Almost Sold By Family For $1. By My Late Aunt, ~30 Years Ago. Just Want Others To Appreciate It As I Do

Image credits: blackdima

#78 Just Some Dino Nuggets

Image credits: CosyBosyCrochet

#79 Goodbye Petal Granny Squares

Image credits: TheUltimateShart

#80 Finished My Scarf And I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image credits: pcjones1991

#81 8 Seasons Of Criminal Minds Later And It’s Complete <3

Image credits: Sad-Row-4204

#82 Hot Off My Hook! A Little Vest Made From Waste Yarn ?

Image credits: 420georgia

#83 My First Top-Down Sweater!

Image credits: handmadekaty

#84 Why Gauge Is Important

Image credits: Greasydorito

#85 After Finishing The Blanket, I Ended Up With More Yarn That I Didn’t Use So I Ended Up Making A Baby Sweater With The Extra Yarn I Had Left Over

Image credits: SquishKitty2022

#86 I Recently Discovered That A Single Crochet Band + Any Blanket Edging = Cute Tiara, And I’m So Excited At The Possibilities

Image credits: StrikingReporter255

#87 Literally Wearing This For The Rest Of My Life

Image credits: morisempaii

#88 Here Is My Earthworm Will All The Hats!

Image credits: Monsterplum

#89 Finished My First Ever Sweater! Modeled Here By My Sweet Husband

Image credits: acidalia-planitia

#90 Mosaic Crochet Bookcase

Image credits: Bookworm_Laura

#91 I Made This Little Wrap And I’m Obsessed!

Image credits: faithmauk

#92 When I Don’t Know What To Do I Make Baskets

Image credits: itsluckyyarn

#93 My First Crochet Ever, Made With A Kit. Swipe To Laugh At What I Ended Up Making

Image credits: App_Store-5000

#94 Be Mine

Image credits: nonsequiturnip

#95 So I Tried To Crochet With Metalwire Today And It Turned Out Well 🙂

Image credits: Oneasu

#96 Surprise Bouquet Blanket For My Girlfriend!

Image credits: zeppelliot

#97 I’ve Waited A Long Time To Be Able To Post My First Wearable?

Image credits: Winter_Pitch_1180

#98 Finished?

Image credits: Opposite-Version-682

#99 102,000 Stitches Later…

Image credits: [deleted]

#100 After Being Single For 20+ Years, I’ve Been Dating Someone I Met On Hinge For Almost 4 Months Now. She Crocheted This Pillow For Me. She’s Just Dreamy ?

Image credits: I_AM_VENNLIG

#101 I’m So Proud ?

Image credits: WhitneyAnn730

#102 Turned My Persian Tiles Into An Oversized Cardigan. I Fell On Ice And I’m Going Into An Elbow Surgery On Tuesday And Don’t Know When I Can Get Back To Crochet And Other Hobbies. Stay Safe Out There!

Image credits: kaijakyllikki

#103 My First Amigurumi Had To Be Special ?

Image credits: Mistyquetzalcoatl

#104 Scarf For My Friend

Image credits: Shewwimonster

#105 Finished My First Sweater

Image credits: Photo_Bandit

#106 I Haven’t Crocheted Anything In 12 Years. First Time Making A Plushie

Image credits: maybe_chocolate

#107 Just Finished This Big Blanket And It’s So Soft ❤️

Image credits: littlebearpup

#108 I Made A 12 Foot Snake

Image credits: Correct_Assumption90

#109 Just Thought I’d Show Off The First Wearable I Finished Recently 🙂

Image credits: Slice_Of_Life_03

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