How AI Art Changed And Polarized The Art World

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence, especially when it made big waves in 2022 by dipping its toes into generating artwork. Programmers and tech companies created various AI models that can give their users any artwork with just a simple set of words or prompts. 

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This accessibility and how easy it can create artwork without spending hours slaving away with paper, pen, or any digital drawing software opened the doors to multiple “AI artists,” much to the dismay of traditional artists.

But why are they mad at this entire AI issue? Well, it’s because of one simple thing: original traditional artwork is being used so that these machines and models can generate artwork. 

Essentially, an AI is trained by feeding them (or inputting) various existing art pieces so, in turn, it can create its “own.” So it begs the question: who gets the credit? There’s a big open field that concerns ownership, copyright, and even the definition of art itself. 

My Modern Met takes a deep dive into the conversation about AI art and ownership. Check their full piece on the topic here.

Image credit: WW/Pexels

Source: neatorama

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