How All Design Degrees Should be Presented

After gaining my Bachelors of Industrial Design, many years ago, the diploma went into a box somewhere. I’m not even sure where it is in my house. And any ID job I ever held, no one ever asked to see the degree.

Why do we still print them out on pieces of paper, oughtn’t they be on something more useful, particularly for function-minded designers? I know some of you frame them, but London-based designer Liam Mead had a better idea:

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“I printed my degree on a blanket so when I can’t afford to pay the bills, my degree can keep me warm ?? “

“If you rearrange all the letters in the name ‘Liam Mead,’ you can create the anagram ‘A dilemma,'” he writes. “Ironically, I consider myself to be a problem solver.”

Source: core77

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