How Can We Get Some Sleep During A Heatwave?

If your house has an incredible air conditioning unit, or a good cooling system that can make you ignore the hot weather, then good for you! But what if your fan or AC isn’t enough to subdue the heat? Is getting sleep still possible? Yes! All it takes are some tweaks to your daily routine, as inews detail:

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Firstly, keep your curtains or blinds drawn during the day to block out the heat. Open windows and doors throughout your home to get a through-draft.

Making sure you are hydrated throughout the day is also very important and keeping a glass of water by your bed is advised. Also, avoid spicy foods and eating too late at night as this can raise your body temperature.

Keeping your extremities, such as your head and feet, cool can also lead to a more restful night.

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Source: neatorama

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