How Color Changes Our Taste Experience

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We all know why big brands in the food industry use a lot of certain colors in their logos like red and yellow because those colors stimulate our brain to think about delicious food which would in turn influence our actions.

But what happens when food which we have associated with a certain color would be changed into a different color? Would adding more of a certain color or reducing it really make food more or less delicious?

Tom Vanderbilt wrote this article on Nautilus explaining the science behind our perception of food based on their color:

"In a 1980 study, subjects were blindfolded and asked to tell whether the beverage they were drinking was flavored orange. Only one in five could. But when they were allowed to see what they were drinking, each of them identified the orange flavor. And when a lime-flavored drink was colored orange, nearly half of respondents thought it was flavored orange—none did when it was green."

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Source: neatorama

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