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SPOILERS FOR ORPHAN BLACK AHEAD… OK, so “Orphan Black” features clones brilliantly portrayed by Tatiana Maslany, and while watching their search for truth, we began to think: are we ALL clones? Hold up- we’re not talking about sci-fi dystopia, but rather the concept of SIMULACRUM. “Orphan Black” seems to be a perfect illustration of the simulacrum, aka a copy without reference to an original. We see simulacra in pop art, in religion, even Disney World, but does going down this rabbit hole lead us to OURSELVES? Watch the episode and find out!

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Simulations – Jean Baudrillard

Simulacra and the Simulation – Jean Baudrillard

Plato and the Simulacrum – Gilles Deleuze; trans Rosalind Krauss

REALER THAN REAL: The Simulacrum According to Deleuze and Guattari – Brian Massumi



“Europe” by Roglok (
“Level 5” by Room for the Homeless (
“Bouncy Castle” by Roglok (
“:P” by Roglok (
“Squarehead” by Roglok (
“Number Cruncher” by Roglok (
“Little Birthday Acid” by Roglok (
“Topskore” by Roglok (
“Anti Vanishing Spray” by Roglok (
“Tarty Prash” by Roglok (
“Carry on Carillon” by Roglok (
“Uptown Tennis Club” by Roglok (
“Squarehead” by Roglok (
“Dream Of Autumn” by Night Shift Master
“Insert Toy For Coin” by Eatme (
“Dizor” by Outsider
“Lets go back to the rock” by Outsider
“Something like this” by Outsider


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