How Living Arrangements have Changed in the US

Statistics_Data_Facts made a chart showing how living arrangements have changed over the past 55 years for Americans ages 25-34 years old. The data comes from the US Census Bureau. Lifestyles have changed for this age group considerably. The biggest difference from 1967 to 2021 is the decrease in the percentage of those people who live with their spouse. Sure, more people are living with a partner without getting married, which is the pink line, but not enough to explain the plunge. Another chart combines the two, and it still plunges. Other factors include the rising age of first marriage, which has been going on a long time, extended education (with long term loans), and an economy that makes marriage appear out of reach.     

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There are other charts that break down the statistics even further by sex. The percentage of people living alone has remained fairly stable over time, but has alway been higher for young men than for young women. This is understandable, for reasons that have to do with both economics and safety. However, men have slightly overtaken women in living with parents or other relatives over time. You can see the full sets of charts at Statistics_Data_Facts. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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