How Many Buildings Does the US Government Own?

The US government owns a lot of land, and a lot of buildings. Some are grand federal buildings that house offices and crucial services. Others are just there on federal land, some being used for government business, others not so much. And many are miscellaneous buildings that were unclaimed, abandoned, or taken for taxes owed. Estimates of the number of those buildings range between 120,000 and 400,000, but pinning that down to a more accurate number is difficult, if not impossible. The problem is that those properties are managed by widely different agencies, from five branches of the military to the National Park Service to obscure agencies we don’t even know about. Efforts to consolidate the information from all those agencies is like trying to herd cats. Half as Interesting explains why the question of just how many buildings the federal government owns will probably never be answered. The last minute of this video is an ad. -via Digg

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