How Movie Set Designers Make Modern Streets Look Old

How would you make a modern street corner look like it was from in 1930? To find out, Insider talked to Rena DeAngelo, a master set designer who works at Eclectic/Encore Props. This company provides props and scene design for television and movie productions for many historical pieces that you’ve seen, such as West Side Story

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DeAngelo has astonishingly detailed expertise in her field, addressing every visual aspect of a historical scene. It’s a lot more than just finding the right cars for an era. The license plates on those cars are essential, too. The signs around a city are important, but DeAngelo also ensures that the materials used to create those signs and the fonts used on them are historically accurate. Watch and learn how much thought goes into the creation of scene that may last for only seconds on the screen.

-via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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