How NASA Fixed the Hubble Space Telescope: By Jiggling It!

When one of NASA’s highly advanced equipment in space broke down not long ago which had been later repaired after a few weeks, sources reported that they succeeded by doing the "have you turned it on or off" approach.

But of course in real life, things aren’t that simple. Turns out, NASA did not fix the Hubble Space Telescope by turning it on and off (if only it was that easy).

No, they actually had to jiggle it a bit:

On Oct. 18, the Hubble operations team commanded a series of spacecraft maneuvers, or turns, in opposite directions to attempt to clear any blockage that may have caused the float to be off-center and produce the exceedingly high rates. During each maneuver, the gyro was switched from high mode to low mode to dislodge any blockage that may have accumulated around the float.

Hubble Operations Project Manager Patrick Crouse told The Washington Post:

“At a high level, if people want to call it jiggling around, I suppose they can,” he said. “But we were trying to do very particular activities we thought would clear the problem. It certainly wasn’t as simple as turning it off and turning it back on.”

(Image: NASA)

Source: neatorama

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