How the Dodo Went Extinct

We’ve heard that the dodo went extinct because it was ugly, stupid, and edible, and no one really cared when the species died out. At least that was the story we were told in the 20th century. There are misconceptions that arise when you so much. It’s true that by the time anyone thought about studying the dodo, they were all gone with little evidence of the bird that once was. The dodo wasn’t cute, tasty, and mysterious like the woggin. Well, maybe mysterious, but what can you do when there are none left? It was only in 2005 that we finally found enough dodo bones to really figure out what they were all about. Dodos were actually pretty well adapted to their environment on the island of Mauritius, at least before humans came along. What happened then might just surprise you. The story of the dodo is only seven minutes long, despite the video length. -via Damn Interesting

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Source: neatorama

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