How the Sith Stole Life Day

Who’s your favorite villain- the one we all love to hate? Who’s your favorite Christmas villain? Put them together and you’ve got one weird but unforgettable mashup. We always knew Vader had a heart three sizes too small. Hoodwinked Toys combined Darth Vader and the Grinch for this one-of-a-kind Christmas toy. Yes, it’s unique, there was only one, and it’s already been sold. They could have sold hundreds if they were mass produced. However, you might be interested in some of their other action figures available, like the chocolate chip Wookiee. Still, I kinda would like to see the Chewie Lou Who, even though I know he doiesn’t exist.  -via Boing Boing

You’re a mean one, Mr. Sith!

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Source: neatorama

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