How To Beat Salesmen or Impulse Buying

Have you ever gone to a shopping centre and ended up coming home with a lot of things that you really did not need but ended up buying anyway? Some time later, you’ll end up regretting that you bought those unneeded things. But have you ever thought about what made you buy those things in the first place?

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Turns out that every time we set foot in a marketplace (whether physical or online), there are sales traps that lure us into buying.

Psychology Today outlines six common sales traps that many retailers use to get you to buy. Take, for example, “Presuasion”:

The term “presuasion” was coined by best-selling author Robert Cialdini, who described it as the crucial stage preceding attempts of persuasion. In the sales context, it may refer to the way shops attract your attention or to specific tricks employed to put customers in a particular (e.g. generous) state of mind.

This initial stage may be crucial for increasing the prospective customers’ receptiveness for persuasive sales messages. In traditional shops, examples of “presuasion” may include offering free samples, playing pleasant background music, or enticing customers with mouth-watering smells. In online environments, a common practice involves sending customers a personalised email thanking them for previous purchases. Research suggests that such expressions of gratitude can increase the effectiveness of later sales messages by a staggering 100 percent!

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