How to do master studies

How to do master studies -digital painting tutorial

Xia, can you please explain how to do studies like you mentioned in the video? Maybe a quick preview of you doing studies of someone.?

Gergo Eszes
When should a person who draw on paper move to digital tablet? Or is it good to practice on both way??

Hi, how do you get proportions right? I’ve been struggling with symmetry and body proportions since I can remember. Most difficult part for me would be the eyes of a person, either I draw them in the wrong place or shape them differently. Sometimes they’re placed at the perfect spot and seem to have the same shape but still don’t look right… Do you have any tips??

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I used
-pencil HB-3b
-Canson/Utretch sketchbook
-Sketchbook Pro
-Wacom Intuos5 Medium Pen Tablet

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